Soulfully Empowered with Kait Visser

Business Coaching for Heart-centered entrepreneur’s, business owners & creatives


Do you often find yourself Feeling like…

You are in business and you are working HARD at what you LOVE doing, but you are not quite making the money you want to make and end up feeling kind of burnt out?

“Following your heart” was supposed to feel a little better than this, right? Did I make the right choice?

You care so much about serving your customer or client wholeheartedly and are not sure how to scale to the next level of abundance?

Or maybe, you are feeling like you just want to stick your head in the sand and need a whole new re-brand to bring in what you truly want and who you truly want to work with…

…And You are in need of

My 12 week Summit Business Coaching course & Expericne will result in…

Photography By Afton Lewis,  Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Photography By Afton Lewis, Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

  • Financial Stability and Abundance through Brand Clarity, Strategic Action and Mindset and Lifestyle Alingment

  • Joy and Satisfaction from your Business

  • Clarity over Direction and Focus

  • Confidence to Flourish in and take Inspired Action from

  • Establishing Consistancy in your Brand and Social Media Presence

  • Finding your own Unique and Captivating Voice on Social Media (content that converts)

  • Lifestyle Alignment and Sustainability in your Practice

  • Visual Brand and Web Presentation that’s Alinged with your Vision

  • Time Freedom through Organization, Finaical freedom and Alingment

  • Smart Goal setting through Priotization and Systematic Organization


I was right there with you, so I created, Summit

Summit is 3 month coaching framework for my Business Coaching. Summit formulated from the need of my own direct experience in being a super heart-centered and passionate entrepreneur who is ready to serve. In 3 months I will help you gain clarity, focus, and structure so you can become more profitable, strategic and aligned in the growth and scaling of your business.

With my 6+ years of experience professionally in Desing and Marketing, and in creating my own health and wellness blog, platform and fitness coaching business, I saw a running theme in myself and others.

Women who know they were made for more but weren’t quite sure on how to

“make it happen”.

From being in your same shoes, in my own previous and now coaching business, I realized the core fundamentals of WHO we need to show up as and HOW we need to become aligned in order to step into our best business.

Because really, it is, truly and completely possible, and together, I will show you HOW through Summit.

Photography By Afton Lewis, Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Summit Coaching Process.

Summit is a 3-month transformational journey for changemakers, creatives and heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners that will result in a focused, clear and aligned direction and practice that will leave you with a framework and formula of sustainability and financial abundance and soulful satisfaction.

Together we discover brand clarity, create more strategic action and establish lifestyle synchronicity through a value aligned and "true north" focused path for you and your business to abundantly thrive in and feel joyfully creative and clear on the trail to the Summit of your dream business.

We do all of this over 9 calls, an information and expansive course, in just 12 weeks.

The 3 Stages of Summit



  • Set your “Summit” goal (what we will accomplish)

  • Get a clear vision over what has been holding you back and why

  • Become more focused

  • Discover your life core values and how/why they play importance in your business

  • Get clear on what your financial goals are and how much money you want and need to make



  • Breakthrough any internal beliefs and barriers that may be holding you back

  • Create a brand and visual identity that matches the heart of your offering

  • Understand how to find your own unique voice on social media (copy that converts)

  • Move through money blocks and a scarcity mindset

  • Learn how to attract in your ideal customer/client



  • Create organization and a sustainable flow

  • Create a formula for success in your Summit

  • Create systematic processes

  • Establish a slight edge - compound effect action plan

  • Leave with a mindset of resilience and true north sense of direction for your journey ahead

What you will accomplish through Summit

  • Understanding what your life core values are and how this shows up in your business with my own unique values test

  • Visual Branding Direction + (Graphic and Web design packages availble in addition)

  • Brand Idenity and a Social Media Strategy

  • Marketing Plan and a better Sales Funnel + Strategy

  • A Professionally written Business Plan

  • Clarity over what you Offer and Who this is for

  • A Mindset of Confidence, and Abundance for Taking Action and Hitting your Financial Goals

Photography By Afton Lewis,  Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Photography By Afton Lewis, Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

How would it feel to be able to do all this in 12 weeks?

  1. Create a vision for your life and business

  2. Learn how to dream beyond mental limitations

  3. Set smart goals

  4. Create a visual brand identity

  5. Discover clarity over your WHAT for WHO and HOW

  6. Establish your brand core values

  7. Find your voice on social media

  8. Create a sales funnel and marketing strategy

  9. Establish a flow for sustainability and avoiding burnout

  10. Create compounded slight edge actions

Reach your goals, drink champagne and dance to Beyonce

kaboompics_Drink coffee in a golden cup at the window.jpg

What you will save yourself from…

  • Wasting time

  • Doubting yourself

  • Burnout

  • From overspending on uneeded “looking for the next answer” courses and products

  • Feeling dissatisfied in the work you love

  • Feeling jealous or anxious about competition

  • Financial mistakes

  • Not feeling like you can take your self seriously

  • “Oh look shiny syndrome” and more…


What’s Included

In the 3 stages, we will work from the ground up, aligning you with your goals and then strategizing on how to get there.

We break this into 9 one on one sessions (3 a month) over the course of 12 weeks, along with a backbone of my NEW Summit e-course, worksheets and reflective journaling that will help take every new lessons and milestone to the next level.

3 months + 9 one-on-one calls + New E-course

Photography By Afton Lewis,  Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Photography By Afton Lewis, Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

  • In stage one is where we work together to define your “Summit” and overall vision for your life and business. When we do this we can learn to uncover what blocks you may currently have that stop you from moving forward, such as money blocks, the right resources and tools and limiting beliefs and lifestyle habits.

  • In our second stage, we start to dig more into defining your “True North”, which I help you do by walking you through clarity exercises for the inside and out of your brand. From color psychology to a values test up to creating a true north client demographic.

  • In our third stage, we can tie up your visual brand with a better social media strategy and presence. We can create a sales funnel, business plan, and strategy that will set you off for success. I will leave you with enough confidence to take action, the clarity on where to start and a plan so that you are not overwhelmed.

Together we will establish a brand and a business plan and lifestyle that ultimately supports you and will help you create compounded success. You will see your path more clear and will feel empowered on your journey getting there.

In addition to my coaching, I also provide you with helpful worksheets, , and reflective journaling to deepen the process and give you a tactile way to apply each breakthrough.

Photography By Afton Lewis,  Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Photography By Afton Lewis, Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Ready to Begin your own summit?

I meet you exactly where you are at in your life and business with my own unique approach of empowerment coaching, which is more pearsonal devlopment based business coaching.

As your very own Life & Business Empowerment Coach, I will help you work through uncovering internal and external obstacles along the way and tackling them with creating a lifestyle and a workflow that supports your overall well being and a framework for sustainabily to avoid mental burnout.

This course is basically designed for women who are ready to make sh*t happen and want to be valued, respected and paid.

I would absolutely recommend her! She’s so passionate about helping others embody their full potential so that they can show up for themselves & others in whatever endeavor they choose to pursue. Kait grew so much alongside us, which is one of the reasons why Summit was amazing! The cyclical growth that occurred between her & us as clients was awe inspiring.

I feel strongly that everything is exactly where it should be at this point in time. I have definitely reached that goal & im still growing, evolving, & aligning to it better.
— Kayla Chizek, Kay Mari Art