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define your true north + discover brand clarity

Hey you, i’m kait!

I’m a business coach who found her calling in empowering entrepreneurs and creatives to stay true to themselves while building more strategic brands and businesses.

Through my own experience working in the design and marketing industry for 6+ years, I encountered so many creative and driven women who have a business or brand they are working so hard at building but either have no clue how to go about it in a strategic way or are out of alignment with their truest selves and goals.

I help women define their true north of what their own life core values and truths are, leading from the heart forward through their businesses. We discover your brand clarity so that you can take strategic action and get the clients and customers you dream of, and we build your confidence and learn how to step out of a story that no longer serves you.

It’s not only about the look of your brand, but how it feels, and that all starts with you in creating a stable foundation for flourishing abundance.

It’s time for you to get #SOULFULLYEMPOWERED

Photography By Afton Lewis,  Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Photography By Afton Lewis, Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA


Photography By Afton Lewis,  Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Photography By Afton Lewis, Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA


To have an amazing idea or passion, you are driven and ready to take charge, but don’t know where to even start.

You feel overwhelmed and burnt out and need more clarity and direction. You know WHERE you want to go… but just how do we get there?

And is it possible to feel good while achieving it?

You feel stuck, anxious and unclear on the path ahead.

But here’s the good news, you don’t have to.

My Experience…

I have gone from graphic designer to vegan youtube and blogger, to online fitness coach to then find my role in empowering creatives and entrepreneurial girl bosses through life and business empowerment coaching.

My journey hasn’t been easy, and I know your’s has not been a cake walk either, you work HARD at whatever you do! But sometimes, you feel frustrated and lost on how to get to the next level.

Whenever I was out of alignment with my goals and intuition it led me into a self-limiting belief story that was almost impossible to shake. (Hint hint, it is possible).

I had to do the work too, the deep inner work, of stepping out of my own limiting belief systems and learned to step INTO my own power and highest potential.

The truth is, you are limitless and you KNOW your truth. It’s just finding your way back to it and building a solid foundation for your brand business in order to flourish.


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Who do you serve?

I work with Creatives, Coaches, Health Coaches, Healers and Influencers, Conscious and Heart-centered Brands, Entrepreneurs and Businesses.

For women who are fighting to reach their goals and need brand clarity, lifestyle alignment, and strategic action plans tailored to them. Women who don’t want to keep spending time, energy and money on courses and content and feel overwhelmed and frustrated and want to find what will work for THEM and what they need.

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What is your STYLE?

I help women who are in flow with their creativity and intuitive energy meet their masculine, actionable energy. I ask the necessary questions and meet them exactly where they’re at — with their current lifestyle and in their current season, and give them actionable steps towards achieving their business goals and an encompassing lifestyle to compliment.

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What is Empowerment coaching?

Empowerment coaching is personal development-based. I meet my clients where they are at in life; meaning that some may need to work on self-growth before we dive into the business side of coaching. This is why I call myself the all-encompassing label of an empowerment coach. I work at the intersection of business and life coaching — because you can’t work on one without the other being affected!

Photography By Afton Lewis,  Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Photography By Afton Lewis, Afton Lewis Photography Bellingham, WA

Kait’s Coaching Process

Kait’s love for the Pacific Northwest reigns through her creatively designed coaching Framework of Summit. Kait is a heart-centered and intuitive business coach who, very intuitively, created her own unique framework of Summit business coaching. It stems from the 3 stages of summiting mountains, similar to the 3 stages the human mind treks’ through in the process of achievement.

SUMMIt the mountain of your dreams

Summit is a 3-month transformational journey for changemakers, creatives and heart-centered entrepreneurs and business owners that will result in a focused, clear and aligned direction and practice that will leave you with a framework and formula of sustainability and financial abundance and soulful satisfaction.

Together we discover brand clarity, create more strategic action and establish lifestyle synchronicity through a value aligned and "true north" focused path for you to abundantly thrive in and feel joyfully creative and clear on your trail on the summit of your dream business.

Kait truly coached me into being soulfully empowered while summiting my business goal to rebrand my website with lucrative services that aligned with my audience and talents. As a designer, she helped with my new look with a logo and color palette and website layout. As a coach, she led me to find unexpected, but useful depths within myself while climbing the mountain! If you’re looking to refocus and identify goals both personal and professional, I highly recommend Kait!
— Holly Chadwick, Eidetic Films, Award Wining filmmaker
She is great at listening and hearing your ideas. She works with you to achieve your goals rather than forcing you to mold to a specific idea or thing. Her spirit is empowering in itself!
— Savannah Pearce, mindful sav
Yes, I’d definitely recommend Kait. I feel that she is very intuitive but also provides a lot of perspective on intention. Not only will she help you get clear on your goal but to understand a deeper meaning as to why you’re doing it.
— Christine Lieu, CL Designs

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